How interesting is it to pack a gift in a package?

How interesting is it to pack a gift in a package?

Tired of plain wrapping paper and banal bows? Get creative with gifts! In order not to complicate your extra life, you can use the products from the Lviv Printing Manufactory, a paper bag with a teaspoon.

Tishyou is a lightweight decorative paper that is used to pack gifts, clothes and flowers. It serves as a great filler for boxes and packages, giving them an original look.
So what are the design options?

Option # 1: Creative improvisation is fast

This packaging option is ideal for those who do not consider gift wrapping their chips, and are not too inclined to pay much attention to it. Don’t worry – recent research has proven that close friends prefer gifts packed quickly.
In fact, in this case the situation is saved by the paper bags with a tushi from the Lviv Printing Manufactory. You don’t have to do anything – just put the gift inside the package, straighten it to your taste or, wrapping up the intrigue, wrap the silence around the gift and – voila – the gift is ready to hand!
Seemingly tishyu is a simple decorative element, but matched to each purse according to color, this thin paper complements the paper bags very harmoniously, adding brightness and special festivity to them. In addition, tishu is very nice to rustle.
Even if the gift itself is not too big – don’t worry, the tishu creates a good deal for the package and helps to add solidity to the gift.

Option # 2: concise and minimalist

Here it is important to properly size the paper bag with the tashi to the size of the gift itself. Please note: it will be appropriate if the package has pens not of jute rope, but of satin ribbon.
It’s simple: you wrap the bag in a tushi, tie a satin ribbon and add a wish card – believe me, it will look very stylish. Try it!

Option # 3: The Enchanting Approach

Want to bring a little triumph to your loved one’s greetings? Everything is in your hands! Take a normal punch in your hands – it’s time to add a little candy to the package with your quieter! Depending on the design, different materials can be used for this purpose – from double-sided colored paper to satin plain fabric. Of course, it will take some work, but the result is worth it!
Candy can be used not only for additional decorative filling of the package, but also to create festive entourage at the time of the greeting. Wow effect guaranteed!

In fact, there are many options for designing gifts in packages. The main thing to remember is that you do not have to look for an excuse to make someone nice. Even the most ordinary day can be special.

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